Maple River Middle School


                Classroom Rules




         This may include but is not limited to the following:


                  1. Students should be in their seats when the bell rings

                  2. Students are expected to be quiet when the instructor or other students are speaking.

                  3. Students may chew gum if it is not heard (snapping), found (on floor or under desks & chairs), or seen blowing bubbles.

                  4. No cell phones 

                  5. Students remain seated until dismissed

                  6. Students should keep hands and feet to themselves.


             1. Students should have all materials needed for class   (book, folder, and writing utensil)

                  2. Students are responsible for all assigned classroom material.Do Your WORK !!!!!!!!

             3.No Cheating or Plagiarism-consequence: no credit for that assignment, test or paper.




             1.Come prepared to class and be ready to express yourself…… this is your class, so take full advantage of the opportunity to do Your Best !!!!!!!!