Maple River Middle School

Class: Geography 8

Teacher: Mr. Thul  (524-3930 Ext. 127)

Semester: 1 & 2


Course Description:

This class will cover physical and cultural geography from around the world. By studying regions, the students will be exposed to different cultures, religions, economic factors and family life.



Class Materials:

National Geographic: World Cultures and Geography




Guest speakers when possible


Grading Method:

94%- 100% A                93%- 90%   A-

87%- 89%   B+              83%-86%    B

82%-80%    B-               79%-77%    C+

73%-76%    C                 70%-72%    C-

67%-69%    D+              63%-66%    D

60%-62%    D-               Below 60%     F



Students will be given a variety of projects; daily work and reading that must be completed by due dates.

All late assignments will be reduced in value according to due date.


Learner Outcomes:

Think purposefully

Communicate effectively

Act as a responsible citizen

Understand the interaction of people

Direct your own feelings