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Maple River Schools

Achieving Excellence


Madelia is a racially identifiable school district and because Maple River Schools adjoin the Madelia school district we qualify to be part of their integration collaborative. This is the 11h year Maple River is part of the Madelia Area Integration Collaborative MAIC and we receive funds to use each year.

The intent of the Minnesota Integration Revenue Program is to increase opportunities for interaction between students in racially isolated and their adjacent districts or school sites. The program also provides improved educational opportunities designed to close the academic achievement gap.

Districts receiving integration revenue are required to develop a desegregation plan in collaboration with their community. The goals of the plan are to:

• Increase interracial contact through classroom experiences, magnet programs, or other education-based initiatives.

• Add research-based programs designed to improve the performance of protected-class students on state or local assessments.

The district may also provide additional programming, such as classroom partnerships or summer programs, which address one or both of the goals listed above. 


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