• The Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir meets every day. They are working on three part music to share with you at their concert.  This choir will begin to fundraise.  They have individual choir accounts.  The money they earn will go towards a choir trip in high school!  I look forward to a great year with these wonderful students.







    7 & 8 Grade Choir is open to those students interested in singing in a large group situation, where they will begin to develop techniques and skill in the art of singing.  Emphasis is placed on learning to sing music with two or three parts and/or partner songs.  The music studied and performed is of a wide variety – from the music of the great composers to the popular music of today.  The 7 & 8 Grade Choir gives three public performances each year.  Please mark them on your calendar.  Students taking choir are also eligible to audition for a small group which will practice independently of the 7 & 8 Choir time.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in choir fundraisers.  Singers will have their own vocal accounts where the money they raise or donations that they receive will go into.  This fundraising account will go towards high school choir trips. 



                            November 4, 2019      7:00 pm           Gymnasium

                            March 2, 2020            7:00 pm           Gymnasium

                            May 21, 2020              7:00 pm           Gymnasium



    Each trimester the student’s grade will be based on the following:

                            Daily Rehearsal                                                                      




    *Students are to be in the choir room when the tardy bell rings.

    *Students are expected to get choir folders out and put them away each day.

    *Chewing gum, eating or drinking is not allowed.  Exception~Water is allowed.

    *Cell phones or other electronic devices are not allowed.  School policy will be followed and a violation will cause student to lose all rehearsal points for the day.

    * Students are expected to display a respectful attitude.

    * Students are expected to put forth good effort during rehearsal.

    * No homework should be done during rehearsal time.

    *Students are expected to attend all required concerts/events.