• Course Discriptions:

    College Calculus

    Calculus is the mathematics of change – velocities and accelerations along with a variety of other concepts that have enabled scientists, engineers, and economists to model real-life situations (Larson, 2006). In this course, you will learn differentiation and integration, including applications of each.  This is a college course offered through SMSU and in order to receive college credit, a grade of a C- or higher is required.


    College Pre-Calculus

    Pre-Calculus is a detailed study of the mathematics needed for calculus.  Concepts such as polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, complex numbers, linear systems, numerical patterns, sequences and series are presented and explored throughout this course. The required preparation is two years of high school algebra.  This is a college course offered through SMSU and in order to receive college credit, a grade of a C- or higher is required.


    Honors Geometry

    This course introduces basic geometric concepts. Units of study will include work with triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons, similarity and congruence, circles, and volumes of geometric figures. Students will study the nature of “proofs” with respect to definitions, postulates, and theorems. It is also expected that the students will review and extend their knowledge of algebra. This course is both required and a pre-requisite for Algebra II.


    Classroom Expectations for All Classes:

    • Respect for self, students, and staff. Responsibility for your actions. 
    • Students are expected to attend class every day.
    • A student is considered tardy if not in the room by the bell (you now have 5 min passing time – take care of locker trips and bathroom breaks BEFORE class).
    • The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss students. Stay in seats and continue to work until that time.
    • Please no writing on desks or other materials lent to you – calculators, test dividers, etc.
    • Please ask first to have food/drinks. Try to have healthy options…Please no pop or energy drinks!
    • Cell phones are to be turned off and put away. I trust you enough not to use them and will let you keep them in your possession.  If I SEE or HEAR a phone, I will take it until the end of the class hour or to the office depending on the situation.  Same goes for I-pods, computers, & similar devices unless otherwise stated by teacher.
    • If gone for one day, it will still be expected that you still get all homework done for the Monday turn in (with exceptions of being gone on Friday – you may then have 3 extra days to complete)
    • If gone for more than one day, you will receive 5 days to get this work completed. 


    **To view the full syllabus please see the attached documents.**

    Calculus Syllabus 2018-19

    Pre-Calculus Syllabus 2018-19

    Honors Geometry Syllabus 2018-19