• Thank you for visiting the STEAM donation page. There are supplies that we go through a lot of in making STEAM projects and I greatly appreciate any and all donations! Some of the more common supplies that I am always looking for are:

    cotton balls, ziploc bags(any size), paper plates, cups, duct tape, electrical tape, balloons, coffee filters, empty Pringles containers, marbles, q-tips, spaghetti noodles


    For certain projects I may need other supplies and will have regular classroom teachers add them to their newsletters.  Have you done a project and have left over supplies and just don't know what to do with them? Our students find the most creative things to do with these supplies! You can send supplies with your child or drop them off in the office at either elementary school.


    I am currently in need of:  cottonballs, Q-tips, and duct tape. If you are cleaning and come across unused craft supplies or building materials, please consider donating them to the STEAM program.