English 10

  • Needs:

    Internet login

    MRHS Google account & password

    Moodle password

    Infinite Campus password


    Key Outcomes:

    • Improvement in reading ability as students are prepared for MCAIII Reading Test and ACT.  
    • Ability to use research paper documentation and techniques.
    • Improvement in writing skills, with emphasis on literary analysis.


    Course Content:


    Larger Projects:

    Comparison Essay

    Shakespeare Presentation

    Retro Radio

    Visual Poems

    Novel Essay


    Short Stories







    1. Impromptu/Persuasive
    2. Informative
    3. Group Discussion /Shakespeare Plots
    4. Narrative

    Required Materials:

    Chromebook Pens/Pencils/Lungs/Etc.

    Notebook Clothing

    Pen/Pencil/quill/bloody fingertip


    MCAIII Tests

    While nearly all of the assignments and projects we do throughout the years will help develop skills for the ACT/MCAIII test, we will do a cold-read test at least once during each trimester.  These tests will usually be around fifty questions and some will be timed. Some will be for practice and others will be graded.


    Class Work:

    • To accommodate skills from both classic literature and MCAIII tests, readings will often be tested for both reading comprehension (closed book) and MCAII analysis (open book).
    • Students will journal heavily throughout the year based on external prompts and reading prompts.  Journal entries will need to be at least 20 lines each for full points. Typically, only 10-15 minutes will be given for journaling.
    • Late work(anything after the deadline) will be capped at a 70%.
    • Standards must be completed to receive credit for the course.  Any missing work besides standards will be given a reasonable time (at least 2 weeks) before being turned to a zero.


    Pet Peeves:

    Plagiarism/Cheating: Zero on the assignment and a full grade drop at the end of the trimester.


    Asking to go to the bathroom at the beginning of class instead of just dropping your stuff off on your desk and leaving.  It usually takes me a minute past the bell to check attendance. Make it back to your desk by the time I get to the lectern and we both win.


    Leave the computer room doors open and the room door closed.


    Keep your work area tidy (cords, chairs pushed in, etc.)


    No plastic bottles (or cans) allowed in my room.


    Cell phones should remain out of sight unless given permission (even at the end of the hour).  


    Remember, I am old and cranky after teaching for two decades.  I will enforce all the school rules and occasional rules from the nineties.  

    Favorite Games:

    20 Questions





    Trimester 1 Pattern


    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

    Media Lit Reading RC Quizzes Discussion ML Quiz

    OB Read Journals Activities Games Projects



    Trimester 1 Projects


    • Media Literacy & History
    • Commercial
    • Open Book MCAIII Practice
    • Old British Lit (Beowulf, King Arthur, MacBeth)
    • Group Shakespeare Presentation


    Trimester 2 Pattern


    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

    Grammar Reading RC Quizzes Lit Vocab Grammar

    Homework Journals Lit Notes Activities Research

    Discussion IXL


    Trimester 2 Projects


    • Argument “impromptus”
    • Argument Journals
    • Retro Radio
    • Narrative/Folklore Speech
    • Grammar Test


    Trimester 3 Pattern


    Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

    MCA Prep Reading Novel Quizzes Class Discussion Visual Poem

    NF Reading Journals Online Discussion Activities Poem Prep


    Trimester 3 Projects


    • MCAIII Test
    • Visual Poems
    • Novel Essay Test
    • Poem Exegesis/Speech