Greek Mythology

  • Mr. Willis

    507-524-3930 ext 293

    Mythology is .5 English elective credit


    Daily Needs

    You’ll need a good notebook when I’m lecturing.

    From time to time, you’ll need to either use the Macs or Chromebooks for your projects.

    I have a few camcorders, but a good Smartphone will work for making videos.



    My grades are calculated by points, with the philosophy of giving out about 20 points per day.  A majority of the points will be tests and projects, but there will be a healthy amount of worksheets, journals, and “sure thing” assignments that will balance a grade.  


    Greek Mythology Units

    1. Greek Pantheon
    2. Greek Heroes
    3. The Iliad
    4. The Odyssey
    5. Oedipus Rex
    6. Greek Tragedies
    7. Trimester Projects



    The tests are very similar to a history test.  There are often a variety of MC, matching, and short answer questions.  Usually my tests will fall on a Friday at the end of a 2-3 week unit. I will review before each test to emphasize what you will need to learn.  Because the test items are transparent, being gone on a test day has little to no impact on test security, so you can schedule it after the test. Also, I am not opposed to retesting since none of the material test is kept secret.



    I like to have fun with mythology, so there will be plays, debates, and videos throughout the trimester.  Often times, students will teach specific lessons to their peers following some research and prep. At the end of the Trimester, small groups will present a project focusing on a specific aspect/area of mythology.  



    There will be quite a bit of research, so be sure to include a bibliography of sources used with your assignments.  I will want written research to be paraphrased and cited. My penalty: Zero on the assignment and a full grade drop at the end of the trimester.