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    Reading 8

    Click here for the Reading 8 syllabus.

    Reading 8 is an opportunity for you to learn and grow as a Maple River student!   This trimester you will actively engage with the text in a variety of ways, including reading, discussion, hands-on activities, projects, and cooperative group work.  You will also complete a variety of written activities and assignments and may view and listen to a selection of films, music, and/or television excerpts.

    What this course looks like revolves around reading.  What that means can really be up to you!  We will spend time at the start of the trimester discussing what you hope to get out of this class and what my vision is for you.

    Class components/ideas:
    Daily read-aloud
    Notice & Note reading strategies
    Literature circles
    Journaling/responding to literature
    Independent reading 
    Children's literature      
    Non-fiction connections
    Film compare/contrast               


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