• Advisory Council

    The role of the advisory council for Community Education includes the following:
    *Provides representation of the community in program planning and delivery
    *Establishes an on-going needs assessment process
    *Advises community education staff, superintendent, and school board on community education issues and finances.
    *Establishes relationships with other organizations and service agencies
    *Establishes an evaluation and planning process
    *Promotes Community Education within the community

    The Council meets 4 times/year.

    If you are interested in joining the Advisory Council contact Dusty Drager 524-3918 ext 250 or (ddrager@isd2135.org) 


  • Upcoming Meeting Dates

    March TBD

    June TBD

    September TBD

    December TBD


  • Members

    Dan Anderson       Dusty Drager

    Sarah Isebrand     Chelsea Germo

    Rob Musser           Kacy Queen

    Micheal Sieberg     Joe Sohre

    Jordan Stenzel      Amber Duncanson

    Lea Zuern            Jackie Doering


Agendas / Minutes