Online Ordering for Premade Salads and Offsite Meals

  • Premade Salad Orders

    This meal option is for Grades 5-12 and Secondary Staff

    Salad Orders must be submitted by 8:30am.  You may submit advanced orders for serveral days.

    Pick up salads in cafeteria at Cashier Station #1

    Click on the Salad to place your order.

    Premade Salad Orders


    Offsite Meal Orders

    These meals are available for MS/HS students to order for the days the student(s) are not in the school building.

    These meals are also available to Distance Learning students that are enrolled in Maple River.  You must be enrolled in our district to receive meals.

    Orders must be placed by 8am on Friday for the following week pickup.

    **Orders placed now are for Sept. 23rd-29th.**


    Offsite Meals