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    English 11 - Speech

    Click here for the Speech syllabus.  Click here to see the course overview.

    Students in this trimester class will learn and grow as they prepare and present in a variety of settings.  All are geared towards the goal of helping to become more comfortable and confident in front of an audience!  This is a critical life skill students will undoubtedly use no matter what they plan to pursue after high school.

    Topics to be covered this trimester include the following: 

    • An introduction to public speaking
    • Controlling nervousness
    • Listening
    • Reaching the audience
    • Selecting topics, purpose, and central idea, 
    • Finding information
    • Using information wisely and ethically
    • Supporting ideas
    • Visual aids
    • The body of the speech
    • Introductions and conclusions
    • Outlining
    • Delivery


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