Drivers Education


    You must register for Behind the Wheel before you will be given a Blue Card.

    Once you have registered for Behind the Wheel, your name will be put on a spreadsheet and an instructor will contact you to set up driving times.


    Attendance Policy for Driver's Ed - Classroom Instruction

    *State law requires students are required to fulfill all 30 hours of classroom instruction*


    If students miss three or more classes:

    • They will not receive credit for class
    • Will not be allowed to make up missed classroom time
    • They will not be issued a refund
    • Will have to re-enroll in another class and meet the minimum classroom requirements.
    • Students will have to pay the registration fee of $150 for re-enrollment


    If a student misses one or two classes:

    • They can make up the lost time
    • Students will be charged the hourly rate of the instructor ($23.00/hour)
      •     One class would cost you $69.00
      •     Two class would cost $138.00
    • Rates can be split among other students
      •     Two students making up one day would be $34.50 / student
    • A max of 3 students per make up session
    • Instructor will schedule makeup times