Warm up with hot new books.
    1. Big Time
    2.  Crossover
    3Cut the Lights
    4.  Off Pointe
    5.  Bones
    6.  Branded
    7.  In a Flash
    8.  Attitude
    9.  Warm Up
    10. Ace's Basement

    New                                                                                                                                                                                          for Pirate Apprentices & Young Adults

    The Jolly Roger Series
    The Pirate's Legacy            
    The Ghost Ship            
    Shark Island            
    The Plumed Serpent's Gold            
    Escape from Veracruz           
  • Denise

    Denise Urban, Library Assistant
     Surpass Safari-- will locate what you
    want. Search by author, title or subject.
    It is a catalog for all the materials.
    A book is a gift you can open again and again.
    Garrison Keillor


    stack of books
    A book series which has proved
    to be very popular is the
    This website lists the titles of the
    eight books in this series, info
    about the author, and the disaster
    area of each book.
    Second Semester  
    we'll be finishing up another year
    of reading AR books!
        reading under tree