What is a communication disorder?


    A communication disorder refers to a speech or language issue that differs from typical development. A communication disorder involves either the production or understanding of language. Different areas that could be involved in a communication disorder are articulation, fluency, hearing, language, and voice.

    An articulation disorder can be described as the inability to produce sounds or words accurately.

    A fluency disorder, commonly referred to as stuttering, can be described as the inability to produce sounds, syllables, or words in a smooth manner.

    A hearing disorder can range from a temporary, partial loss of hearing to the permanent loss of hearing known as deafness and can be due an illness, medication, aging, or a congenital condition.

    A language disorder can be described as a significant deficit in learning to talk, understand, or use any aspect of language appropriately as compared to their typically developing peers.

    A voice disorder can be described as anything that impedes the normal production of a vocal sound. This could involve vocal nodules, hoarseness, incorrect breathing, weakness of muscles used in voice production, or recovery from a surgery.