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Maple River Schools

Achieving Excellence

Radio Stations
   Television Stations     
WCCO 830 AM 
  Channel 5 KSTP
KDOG 96.7 FM/KTOE 1420 AM 
Channel 11 KARE
  KEEZ 99 FM    
  Channel 4 WCCO
  KYSM 103.5 FM   
Channel 12 KEYC
KBEW 15.60 AM or 98.1 FM 
  Channel 9 KMSP
On days when schools are closed due to adverse conditions, the stations will be advised of the closing by 6:30 a.m.  Please listen for these broadcasts. 
Also the closings will be on both information lines which are: 524-3918 ext 4 or (507) 462-3600.
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