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Food Service Policies

Can you limit or restrict the purchase of Ala Carte items?

We do have the capability of restricting Ala Carte to a daily dollar amount, single item purchase or completely blocking all Ala Carte purchases. To execute any of the above restrictions, contact the food service department or you may send in a signed request to the Mapleton Food Service site.

When are Ala Carte items available to students?

Ala Carte items such as Propel, juice, chips, cookies, and cereal bars are for sale during the regular MS/HS breakfast/lunch hours. Middle School and High School students may only purchase Ala Carte items with cash or with a positive account balance.

Are Ala Carte items included in the free and reduced-price meal program?

No, Ala Carte items do not qualify for the free and reduced-price meal program. Extra servings are considered an Ala Carte item and are available to all K-12 students.

When do students receive their lunch number?

Students will be given a lunch number at the beginning of the school year. This number must be entered when they reach the end of the food service line.

Do I need to complete a new application for education benefits each school year?

Yes, a new application must be submitted each year. Return your completed Application for Educational Benefits to Maple River Schools, Attn: Heather Ehlke, PO Box 515, Mapleton, MN 56065.

How do I make payments online?

Food service payments can be made online through your Parent Portal. Payments can also be made with a check or cash but need to be placed in an envelope provided by the food service department. If you want to pay at school, envelopes will be available at each School Office. Food service envelopes are also available by calling and requesting them from the food service.

Lunch payments for all school sites are entered district-wide in the food service office in Mapleton. You can send a payment directly to this office at Maple River Schools, Attn: Food Service, P.O. Box 515, Mapleton, MN 56065. You do not need to send individual checks for each student. One check/payment will cover all your children. However, you will need to write each student’s name and amount to be deposited into their account on the flap of the food service envelope. Payments to your children’s account will be deposited on an equal basis UNLESS you specify otherwise. Example – a parent has 3 children and sends a check for $100; $33.00 will go in two student’s accounts and $34.00 will go in the third student’s account.

How do I access my child's lunch account online?

Using the Infinite Campus Portal, you can check your child's lunch account balance and view daily transaction details.

To access your student’s food service account information, you must visit Maple River’s website, click on Campus Portal and login. After you log in, look for the “food service” link. Please look for your child’s food service account number. If you do not have a Campus Portal user account set up as the parent/guardian, please contact the school office for assistance.