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Emergency Info

School Closings


Radio Stations    Television Stations     
WCCO 830 AM    Channel 5 KSTP
KDOG 96.7 FM/KTOE 1420 AM  Channel 11 KARE
  KEEZ 99 FM       Channel 4 WCCO
  KYSM 103.5 FM    Channel 12 KEYC
KBEW 15.60 AM or 98.1 FM    Channel 9 KMSP

On days when schools are closed due to adverse conditions, these stations will be advised of the closing by 6:30 a.m.  Please listen to these broadcasts. We will also use alerts through Infinite Campus. 

Emergency Procedure

Maple River has a new Standard Response Protocol for emergencies like tornadoes, fires, lockdowns, medical emergencies, and evacuations. However, as a parent, the most helpful things you can do to help us maintain a safe and secure environment have stayed the same. We still ask that you: 

The natural inclination for parents is to go to the school during an incident. Understandable, but it can be problematic. Increased activity at the site of an emergency only causes our staff and first responders to divert attention away from the crisis in order to answer your questions and keep you safe. 

To ensure prompt and accurate communication, we will primarily use Calls, Emails, and text messages via Infinite Campus to update parents. Please keep your contact information current by using the Annual Update in the fall or your Parent Portal at any time. We will also share information through local media outlets. During an incident, please avoid calling the school to allow emergency responders access to the phone lines. Additionally, please refrain from contacting your child, as our protocol requires students to remain quiet and out of sight. A ringing cellphone or text alert could reveal your child’s location to an intruder. Also, incomplete or inaccurate messages could worsen the situation. 

In case of relocation or dismissal from an off-site location, you will receive a prompt notification with the time and location. It’s crucial to keep your contact information up-to-date. Only parents, guardians, or emergency contacts will be allowed to pick up students, and a photo ID may be required. To ensure safety, please send only one adult to pick up the student.

Our goal is to be prepared for any unforeseen event, even though we sincerely hope it never occurs. We appreciate your cooperation. You will find below the visuals and expressions that we will employ in the event that we need to activate the Standard Response Protocol.

During a HOLD, students are advised to remain in their rooms or designated areas and avoid the hallways until an "All Clear" announcement is made. Classes will continue as usual but with doors locked for safety purposes.
This will be used during incidents like a medical emergency.

Students must stay inside the building. Doors will be locked until the situation is under control. Monitored entry or controlled releases may be allowed. Classes will continue as normal. 
This will be used during incidents that occur outside the school.

Classrooms will be locked and students will be instructed to move away from sight and maintain silence.  Lights will be turned off. 
This will be used if there is a threat inside or around the school.

Students will be released like normal or a parent/guardian will need to pick their student up. Parents will be notified of a time and place to pick up their child. 
This will be used during power outages or when a lockdown resolves.

Students will use the appropriate safety strategy for the hazard.
This will be used during incidents like a tornado warning.