• Lea Zuern

    Agriculture Education

    EXT #207



    Classes that I teach:

    Ag 8

          We explore all areas of Agriculture

    STEM 8

          We will explore the areas of STEM with hands on activities.

    Small Animals

          We will explore a varriety of small animals and their needs.

    Large Animals

          We will explore a varriety of large animals and their needs. 

    Vet Science

           Through hands on labs learn about all animals with many labs to help aid in learning.

    Small Engines

            We will learn all the basic of an engine and their functions. You will need to bring in a small engine to work on in class.

    Ag Mechanics

            We will take what you learned in small engines and use it in Ag mechanics. Learning the basics of car care and basic maitnance.

    Food Science

             This class will give students hands on experience's with food and its chemical make-up.


            This class does SMAW, GMAW, and GTAW welding.