Facility Rendering - Entrance
  • Dear Members of the Maple River Community,


    As a result of the failed 2017 bond referendum, the Maple River School Board has conducted a community feedback survey to better understand voters’ concerns with building a new PreK-12 school. Over 800 community members completed the survey with representation from Amboy, Good Thunder, Mapleton, Minnesota Lake, and surrounding townships. A major concern for voters was the total cost of the referendum.  Respondents who opposed or were undecided in the last election wanted to see modifications to the proposal to reduce the overall cost for residents.


    In response to these concerns, the following items have been removed from the new proposal to reduce the overall cost.

    • Concessions and toilets at existing athletic complex -- $200,000
    • Monument -- $50,000
    • Tennis Courts -- $130,000
    • Bike Racks/Flag Poles -- $20,000
    • Potential reduction of the overall footprint by 9,500 sq. ft.


    In an effort to decrease the total cost over the life of the loan, the new facility will be paid off over twenty years instead of thirty.


    If Question #1 passes, a new facility will be built to house 850 students and cost $52.34 million to construct. The new facility would have two elementary sections instead of three, which would decrease the overall square footage (from 192,000 to 182,500). With the current enrollment, West Elementary School would remain open. If enrollment declines, the students from West Elementary School will move to the new facility.


    If both Question #1 and #2 pass, an additional 9,500 sq. ft would be added to house all 1,050 students in one facility and would cost an additional $3.155 million to construct. The new facility would house all three elementary sections. Question #2 is contingent on question #1 passing. If both questions pass, the combined cost would be $55.5 million.

    The election will be held on May 8th, 2018 with polling places in Amboy, Good Thunder, Mapleton and Minnesota Lake.

Referendum Files For Download