Facility Rendering - Entrance
  • You voted and we heard you.

    Over the last two years, many of us in the Maple River community have been lobbying at the State level to address the significant tax burden on agriculture property owners when funding school building projects.  We are pleased that our legislators heard us and responded with Ag2School, a 40% tax credit on agriculture land effective this year. This will substantially reduce school bond taxes on agricultural property.


    The Maple River School Board is proposing the construction of a new PreK-12 facility. The cost of this project will be $54.8 million, but is approximately a local levy of $36.2 million after the tax benefit.  The election will be held on November 7th, 2017 with polling places in Amboy, Good Thunder, Mapleton and Minnesota Lake.


    Our goal with this new preK-12 facility is to give students from Mapleton, Good Thunder, Amboy and Minnesota Lake an improved learning environment with accessibility for all.



Referendum Files For Download