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    Science Matters:

    In addition to learning about specific science concepts, I emphasize that science is incredibly important to humans. Certainly a strong understanding of science enhances a student's chances of living a fulfilling, meaningful, and successful life after school. Some of the industries/fields examined in my classes that are closely tied to science include:


    • Agriculture
    • Engineering
    • Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Recreation
    • Natural Resource Conservation
    • Transportation
    • Energy
    • Sports
    • Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • And so on and so forth . . .


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    Science is Fun:

    One major goal I have as a teacher is to make learning about science fun. Whenever possible, we will actively learn through laboratory activities, group work, projects, readings, kinesthetic activities, and more. My goal is to get ALL students engaged in learning!




    Science Literacy is Important:

    Many reports indicate that the average American has significant gaps in their understanding of science. (See a 2015 Washington Post article linked below for an example). Granted, science is not everyone's favorite topic in school, but it is important to understand and enjoy! We will work on building a set of science literacy skills to that students can recognize the difference between scientific fact and fiction in the popular media. Such topics we might delve into include:


    • Is climate change real and happening?
    • Are GMOs safe for humans?
    • Is there life outside of Earth?
    • Which type of renewable energy is most efficient?
    • Are vaccines safe?




    Washington Post Article

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