Earn Money for Your School

Image of Money Earn Money for Your School

It's time to save and turn in your Box Tops for Education, Dietz Receipts, Hy-Vee Receipts, and Can Tabs!

Box Tops are collected year-round. We mail the collections in November and March. Be sure to check the dates on all Box Tops to make sure they have not expired. We earn cash for Maple River Schools with this collection.

Box Tops for Education has a new mobile app that allows you to snap a photo of your receipt for Box Top points. Select Maple River Schools when you sign up, and the points will be instantly applied to the school's earnings online. 

Dietz Receipts are collected from September 1st until March 2nd. March 27th is the last day to turn in Dietz Food receipts for the Apples for the Students program. With this collection, we can select school items from a catalog.

Hy-Vee Receipts are collected from September 1st until May 31st. We earn cash from this collection. This collection is only valid for the Mankato Hy-Vee stores.

Can Tabs (soda, soup or other aluminum cans) are collected year-round. We turn in the tabs once-a-year to Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. The program recycles the tabs and redeems them for cash that benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester.

You can drop off all of these items at one of the school sites. Thank you so much for helping Maple River Schools with these programs.